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Welcome to Storage Tanks

At Storage Tank we have tank for nearly everything want to store and if its not online why not give us call and we'll see if we can find it for you.

We have storage tank for storing water, oil, fuel and diesel. We also storage tank for stoing chemicals and other liquids that might need sepcial storage or even bunded tanks such as Ecosure's bunded 1000 litre oil tank. You might also be interested in our underground storage tanks. We have underground water tanks and underground oil tanks

All the storage tanks feature on this site are made in UK.

Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

Keeping water could be any easier, whether you are collecting it from the sky or keeping a regular supply from an outside source, we have the storage tank for you. The smallest tanks we hold is loft tanks we then have tanks going right up to 19,000litres. All these tanks have been known for multiple uses, from large tanks been used at feastivals to small tanks used to feed animals.
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Ecosure Bunded Oil Tanks Oil Storage Tanks

Single Skin Oil Tanks
We offer a range of ‘standard’ or ‘basic’ single skin oil storage tanks for use where regulations permit. Manufactured in medium density polyethylene (MDPE), and according to strict quality procedures, the standard tank is an economical solution to certain oil storage needs.
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Bunded Oil Tanks
Bunded oil storage tanks represent the most advanced tanks of their kind available. Designed to exceed the latest oil storage regulations the bunded tank includes a fully enclosed ‘bund’ which provides additional protection against damage or spillages. Each tank is factory fitted with the Watchman Plus ‘complete pro-active fuel monitoring system’. This technologically advanced system removes the need for an old fashioned sight gauge and also keeps a safety check on the integral bund.
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Fuel Storage Tank

Fuel Storage Tanks

"Fuel Storage Tanks" allow you to store such fuels as petrol, diesel and bio fuel, for distrabuting purposes. These tanks are the only legal way to dispense any type of fuel. Attaching a pump to bunded or single skin tank is againist the law. This fuel dispensing tanks come in several differnet size to appeal to any one no matter how much room you have. These lockable 'store-away' units offer great security and protection.
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Adblue Storage Tank

Adblue Storage Tank

Adblue is a purified non toxic water solution which is manufactured to help the environment; strict standards are used to prevent the catalyst converter from contaminating in usage. Injecting the adblue to the converter reduces all the harmful chemicals into nitrogen and water. Another advantage of using adblue is that the emission standards of Euro 4 and 5 will be met. We have multiple sizes of Adblue storage tanks depending on your use.
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Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Oil Tanks
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